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Since our founding in 2004, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has made an everlasting impact on the lives of thousands of America’s ill and injured military heroes. With our love and support, and the generosity of our donors, these warriors are surviving and overcoming the harrowing journey of recovery, rehabilitation and the transition to civilian life. Hear personal stories of how Warrior Foundation Freedom Station is changing lives and saving lives.



Junior Rodriguez, Petty Officer Second Class, FMF Corspman U.S. Navy (ret.)

Junior Rodriguez tells a riveting story of survival, recovery and resilience from Operation Enduring Freedom. Hear how the love and support of Warrior Foundation Freedom Station helped him begin a fulfilling new journey in civilian life, from his experience living at Freedom Station to running the Wolfpack, one of the nation’s most successful wheelchair basketball teams.

 Grant William Edited

“First, I want to thank you for the hiking boots you bought me that could accommodate my IDEO brace, from the bottom of my heart with all my love. You may not know, because I never got a chance to tell you, but I was in a very dark place when you bought me those hiking boots. You gave me a much needed outlet of physically demanding hiking, which I was able to do with those boots. You helped me take my physical and mental well-being to a whole new level, and I will forever be grateful for that. Additionally, being a part of the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station Cycling Team means the world to me. I can’t thank you enough for the bike and gear, and I can’t wait to show you my loyalty and devotion to the team and the foundation! What you do at Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has undoubtedly helped so many others like myself.”

Grant William, U.S. Navy (ret.)



Sergeant Povas Miknaitis, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)
San Diego County Veteran of the Year 2019-2020

Povas Miknaitis shares his firsthand experience of a harrowing deployment in Afghanistan, and how living at Freedom Station helped him overcome the battles he faced. Today, Povas continues to be an outspoken champion for injured veterans through his work with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.



“Freedom Station has been a huge blessing to my wife and I. We have loved the spirit here and the comfort of family that surrounds us. When my wife or I am in hardship, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, the staff, and its donors have been there to help us out! I’m so grateful and humbled to be around such loving people!"

LCpl Caden James Gossard, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)




“On May 8, 2016, I lost my left leg below the knee and shattered my right leg below the knee. It has been a long year, but the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station played a large part in helping me get moving in the right direction to go back to the operating forces. For quite some time, I was wearing mismatched shoes and boots that I had borrowed from friends, in order to meet the requirement of being in uniform. As I'm sure you can imagine, the different heel heights from mismatched boots was very hard on my back and hips. This made it very difficult to properly train and get myself back in shape running, hiking with my gear, and completing my fitness tests. With the help of Dian Self and the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, I was able to obtain boots that fit each foot properly. This cut down on the blisters I was getting, as well as the back and hip problems, and helped me get back out moving and grooving again the way I need to in order to go back to full duty. I can't thank you all enough for the caring support you have shown to all of us.”

LCpl Blake Brown, U.S. Marine Corps


 steven “I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play at the NWBA Division 1 National tournament in Louisville. To be able to play on the biggest stage in the United States for wheelchair basketball was such an honor and experience, and I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I did without your organization. With your help in travel and hotel costs I was not only able to make it to the national tournament, but I was able to budget and make it to the final two tournaments of the year as well. The money I would have spent on nationals would have taken away from competing in the Las Vegas and San Diego tournament. My family and I appreciate you taking us under your wing, bringing us into your family and helping us, I would proudly wear your foundation's patch any day.”

AEAN Steven J. Davis, U.S. Navy (ret.)


Sergeant Mike Spivey, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)

Mike Spivey shares his personal journey of transitioning to civilian life after being combat-injured overseas. Living at Freedom Station helped him bridge the gap between military service and civilian life and successfully begin the next chapter.

Today, Mike is happily married, a proud homeowner, and successful Paralympic snowboarder. Read our interview with Mike and learn how you can help him reach his dream of competing in the 2022 Winter Paralympics!




"Warrior Foundation Freedom Station was always present supporting the team when I used to play with the San Diego Wolfpack. As I moved away and started my new journey, I joined the Orlando Magic Wheels. Last year, after the end of last season, I needed to adjust my basketball chair. I talked to Junior and he made it happen with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. Within weeks, I had my new basketball chair ready for the Invictus Games 2016 in Orlando Florida, and this NWBA season. The team was in a great position to be invited to Nationals. As our staff, teammates and volunteers worked to raise funds to go to Nationals, I decided to once again to reach out to Junior and Warrior Foundation Freedom Station to see if they could sponsor me personally for Nationals. Once again, they came through! 

Because of the support provided by Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, I can play one of my favorite sports, which is an important outlet in my life. I was also able to train and teach my fellow teammates and countless athletes throughout camps in wheelchair basketball. The Orlando Magic Wheels walked in ranked #5 and finished 4th in the 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. Thank you Warrior Foundation Freedom Station for always supporting us warriors!"

Staff Sergeant Javier Rodriguez, U.S. Navy, (ret.)



Lance Corporal Isaac Blunt, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)

Hear the compelling story of Isaac Blunt’s experience in Afghanistan, and learn how Warrior Foundation Freedom Station  helped him successfully transition from military service to civilian life.



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